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"It has been a great pleasure to work with Edith ! Among many benefits, Edith proved to be a catalyst to create a new reality, on both team and individual levels. Thank you!"

~ Philippe Gandrillon, Aftermarket Division Director Bosal & Président Bosal Distribution

"I met Edith at a crossroads in my life. Although I, as an entrepreneur, have always been able to consider my business’s interests, Edith showed me how I can learn to consider my own interests as well. An important teaching moment that has given me much to work with. Edith showed me a new layer of myself in a very illuminating way."

~ Dennis van Proosdij, Peoplement Entrepreneur
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"As I am sitting here, sipping a nice glass of wine, sitting beside the women I love, feeling very grateful, I want you to know you have made an enormously positive impact on my life. I found my purpose, met some amazing people and it is all thanks to you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

~ Ron Immink, best-selling author, speaker & writer
conny van vonderen

"A powerhouse in a very soft teddy coat for the entire management team and more! Attentive and business-like, which allows you to open up easily.”

~ Conny van Vonderen, Director of Van Vonderen Groep
antoine korver

"Confrontational, motivating and inspiring. I know very few people who can be this ‘to the point’ in this kind of work, and who know how to get me to be - and STAY - enthusiastic about working on myself. Edith is a continuous inspiration and challenges you to really apply your new insights."

~ Antoine Körver, Enexis Groep
christa de bruijn

"Warm, bold, efficient and just awfully good!"

~ Christa de Bruijn, HR Business Partner Conclusion
jeroen koster

"Working with High Vibrational People has allowed me to speed up my next step, making me feel even more fortunate in my life. It is great to have Edith as a sparring partner and to be confronted in an insightful yet loving way. This allowed me to develop myself much further."

~ Jeroen Koster, Commmercial Director at Eigen Huis
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