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Frequency management as an essential business skill

Ever since I met Edith van den Anker, I have never been the same. Her concept around high vibration leadership brings frequency into the world of business, with amazing results.

Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration

She recommended “Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration”. Everything is vibration and frequency. You can manage your frequency. It is quantum physics. For years now, in the worlds of physics, business, spirituality, and even politics, we’ve heard about the paradigm shift, quantum leap, new world order, tipping point, new age, and holographic reality.


This book is intense. Your world contains time, space, and matter: finite objects and empty space; an inside and an outside world; a past, present, and future; and an idea of self-based on what reflects back to you from other beings. Sound familiar? This “cubic,” a three-dimensional world is where we live now, whom we think we are, and what we define as normal. 


The transformation of our world will become real when the next higher dimension, the fourth, integrates with our “cube” reality. In the new reality, the soul will be the supreme force, consciousness of the interpenetration of the visible and invisible realms will be the most valuable thing, and anything will be possible.

Intuition age

We are moving toward the intuition age. In the intuition age, solving problems means consulting with the energy flow and the collective consciousness to see what wants to happen next. Making decisions means choosing what resonates with your home frequency and the frequencies of your relationships and group involvements. There is no more relativity and comparison, just greater presence and saturation of awareness into one eternal now-moment that contains everything you need.

Your destiny

Your destiny is your highest-frequency life, where you discover your unlimited talents and get to do what you most enjoy. Solutions become revelations of a fuller way of being. When you do what you’re built for, you experience destiny.

Nine steps

A book about how to get there. There are nine steps. Starting with the body-mind connection, meditation, Ayurveda and yoga. Awakening instinct and body intelligence. Increasing your frequency. Realising that low frequencies cannot exist in a field of high-frequency energy and awareness.


Finding your soul, your home frequency (your highest personal vibration) and life start to help you do and have whatever you need. You become interested in self-fulfilment and self-responsibility, are “full of yourself” in the best sense, and want to do something innovative that comes from the co-creation of your body, mind, and soul. Looking deeply for the work and self-expression you’re “built for,” honouring the deep tendencies that have been present in you from birth, and eliminate any driving motives so you can find natural, effortless expression. Feeling how intimately individual and collective consciousness interpenetrate each other and know yourself as both a personal self (me) and a collective self (us). You develop a new understanding of yin/receptive and yang/dynamic energy, as well as the right and left brain.


Becoming authentically yourself, without having to struggle, and at the same time, you can work with the merged group mind in any team to arrive at more complex, complete, high-frequency answers, innovations, and joyful social experiences. You learn that your destiny evolves based on your interconnection to other souls and their destinies, and you discover new ways to plan and achieve goals in a fluid world. You’re starting to see life as energy and awareness. With access to unlimited energy and imagination. 

Sensing waves and sorting vibrations is the next big skillset

We are not solid lumps on a rock of a planet but a collection of energies. We know that energy moves in waves, that waves come in a range of amplitudes (intensities) and frequencies (speeds), which gives them unique qualities and behaviours. Energy and matter don’t exist together in reality, only in probability. Your perception determines the shape of your reality. When we look at life as a conglomeration of particles, it freezes into solid matter and fact, and when we perceive it as a series of waves, it melts into an ocean of energy and potential. The reality that occurs is the one you pay attention to. All realities and outcomes exist simultaneously but do not interfere with each other. Your brain has waves.

Your body, emotions, and thoughts influence your frequency

Your personal vibration is the overall vibration that radiates from you at any given moment. Your personal vibration is affected by vibrations in the world and in other people. Your vibration is generated from inside you by your own choices. Your vibration improves dramatically the more you allow your soul to take charge of your life.

You were born vibrationally sensitive

You were born vibrationally sensitive and empathic; it’s the way your heart and body formed and how you learned to become part of the world. From the time you were born, you began developing a subliminal system for feeling your way through life. Depending on the reception you received, your highly sensitive little body learned to either stay open and radiant or contract in self-protection. You were like a miniature sun, beaming out clear light, love, and joy to anyone who wanted to be in. Let your mind get soft like a limp muscle, and experience fully whatever your body is experiencing without trying to change.


You’re attached to your creations, habits, definitions, and identity and are in some sort of “holding pattern.” Shifting out of negativity and stuckness is often a matter of not exerting the old forceful willpower but “choosing what’s choosing you.” An experience triggers a memory of an earlier similar negative experience. When you heal by understanding and releasing the stuck emotions and beliefs, the dark spots in your field dissolve.

Follow the flow

Choose to feel expansive, loving, and connected to the high vibrations of your soul—to literally be your soul—or to feel contracted, afraid, and immersed in the low vibrations of suffering—to not be your soul. Let the waves pass through you. Waves continually move through you and the field of energy and consciousness of which you are a part. Follow the flow; it knows where to go. Encourage fluidity wherever you find stagnation and frozen awareness.

Quiet your mind

When you quiet your mind, you offer no thought; and when you do so, you offer no resistance; and when you have activated no resistant thought, the vibration of your being is high and fast and pure. Imagine now that your soul is projecting wisdom, intention, and energy down through the octaves to create your life, body, and personality.

Focus on your heart

You constantly oscillate—between levels of identity, giving and receiving, clarity/love and confusion/fear, space and form, and your inner yang/assertive consciousness and inner yin/receptive consciousness. If you create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing. Focus on qualities of soul, like cheerfulness, sincerity, innocence, or playful creativity. Your identity, and thus your creativity, is truly limitless: what comes back to you after you let go can be quite miraculous and something.

Find your frequency

Your home frequency—the vibration of your soul, expressing through your body. Living in your home frequency clarifies your perception. As you become accustomed to living in your home frequency, you may find others coming to you to discover something about that “special quality” you have. It’s time to “just be” and “be with” life as it is.

Your body is a tuning fork

Your body is a barometer of what’s happening around you. You centre in your home frequency, then intentionally extend your feeling sense 360 degrees around and beyond your body. Use the changing state of your body and personal vibration as a barometer of what’s happening around you. Your body, remember, is like a tuning fork and easily changes its resonance to match what’s in the immediate environment. You know what works for you by sensing what’s in harmony with your personal vibration, whether it’s a lower or higher octave or a different timbre of your home frequency.

Build a sense habit

Build a habit of checking in, listening to your body, and downloading important sensory communications, just as you would read your email and throw out the spam. The first step toward the big decision is a small decision. Practice sensing whether you want eggs or oatmeal for breakfast. Your sensitivity brings information about other bodies, objects, places, events, trends, timelines, and processes—even from the near future. Simply remain open, soft, curious, and expansive. The more you choose to engage with vibrations, the more energy and authentic creativity you’ll have. Let yourself receive what wants to come.

Feel the waves

You can feel the sensation of a dammed-up wave, a disturbed wave, a dangerously over-amplified wave, or the feeling of impending polarisation and opposition of energy flows. Trustworthy people feel totally present, “real,” and congruent. The more fluid you are—the more balanced you are. Seeing yourself as vibrational and working with frequency principles changes the way you arrive at solutions, plans, and goals. Although we believe that the logical portion of our brain guides us in making future decisions, studies show that humans, like animals, use emotions and intuition to make decisions about the future.

Stay present

The trick with planning today is to stay focused in the present moment. You never need to leave the moment because it’s expandable. When you “exhale,” or concentrate your mind on a single focus, the moment contracts and includes less time, space, and visionary overview. Each time you expand the present moment, it’s like opening a wide-angle lens. You constantly breathe, moving in and out, including more or less of the universal body of knowledge in your present moment.


Materialising—what many people refer to as manifesting—is the idea that one can, by force of will, desire, and focused energy, make something come true on the physical level. Forcing something is an indication that you’re out of harmony with the flow and are missing some key information. When willpower surfaces, the ego is back, thinking it’s running the show, reinforcing the idea of isolation and difficulty. It’s a setback for the soul because this subtle wilfulness means that you’ve stopped trusting that the soul is bringing exactly what you need. In a unified world, instead of attracting something, you notice it already existing in your reality, and you keep paying attention to it. No effort is required.


The longer you pay attention and invest energy into the idea, the denser and slower the idea’s vibration becomes as it moves down through the octaves of thought and feeling into form. The materialised idea doesn’t journey to you across distant quadrants of time and space; it simply resonates down through your personal vibration, passing through the three levels of your brain, gradually taking on shape and sensory data, becoming more real to your body until it’s perceived through the filter of your reptile brain as something real. Materialising life is actually a function of communion, of feeling into and merging into an idea with all the octaves of your awareness—spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical—until you and the idea exist together in three-dimensional, “solid” reality. For something to fully materialise, your body needs to recognise it as real. 

To do

  • Clear unhealthy feeling habits and negative thinking, and dissolve any existing forms that are in the way of your new expansion.
  • Collect your energy, recenter in your soul’s love, attune to your home frequency, and check to see what your highest vision looks and feels like.
  • By choosing to feel lucky, you are choosing your home frequency and reaffirming the principles of the Intuition Age.
  • If you see your world as high-frequency, it will cause you to be high-frequency.
  • Understand that there are no limits to what can be provided, that anything can materialise. Yet, you also know you’re built to do certain things, that you have particular life lessons, and you’ll receive exactly what you need at the right time and in the right form.
  • Notice places where there is easy flow.
  • Notice places where you’re bored, where things seem old or dull.
  • Focus on your heart.
  • Be accepting, forgiving, and unconditional in your lovingkindness for a few minutes. Breathe love in through all your cells and let it pass through you, touching every part and lighting you up, then send the love on its way, giving it generously to others.
  • You need to realise that your imagination is simply a mental space in which different kinds of realities can be focused, like a staging area.
  • Don’t be embarrassed to be idealistic; it’s your highest vision vibrating through you.

Be innocent

Innocence is one of the least understood qualities and powers of your soul. In innocence, you are ready for anything, welcome everyone, trust unconditionally. Imagine how it feels to double or quadruple your innocence. Now there is just interest, just delight.

Be empathic

Empathy may well be our greatest human capacity, an inborn ability to feel the soul within all things. Empathy is direct knowing through vibration; it is sensitivity filtered through your heart. As you evolve, the heart literally becomes your new brain centre. The Institute of HeartMath has found that the heart’s electromagnetic field may play. Researchers inferred that our nervous system acts as an antenna that responds to the electromagnetic fields produced by the hearts of others. The heart appears to receive the intuitive information before the brain does. Empathic resonance is a healing force that overcomes isolation and helps develop safety, intimacy, and an easy grasp of truth. Empathic resonance—becomes your preferred mode of perception.

Be compassionate

Compassion is the new evolutionary force. Compassion is slightly different from empathy: empathy is related to sensitivity and feeling oneness, while compassion is a broader, more abstract understanding that knows love as the core of every being and situation.


You may find that it’s fun to dance your way through life, responding to the waves of materialisation and dematerialisation, to the mysterious urges that appear in your awareness, to the sudden changes of direction, to the ever-evolving experience. You’ve shifted from thinking of yourself as just a solid physical body with thoughts and emotions to experiencing yourself as a series of interpenetrating fields of awareness, all vibrating at octaves of the same home frequency—which is the tone of your soul. Enlightenment or self-realisation is often defined as “waking up” to your inner divinity and having a perception of your authentic self and the “true nature.”


You are adept in what were previously considered paranormal or supernatural consciousness skills, such as telepathy (direct transfer of thought between minds), teleportation (instant transfer of objects across time and space), clairvoyance and precognition (direct knowing across time and space), psychokinesis (movement of objects by intention alone), instantaneous spiritual healing, and the regeneration of physical structures from their inner blueprints.


The important work is to keep our bodies, emotions, and minds vibrating in harmony with our souls and spiritual values. Act as if there is nothing else. The mind looks at and for complexity, problems, and comfort through physical security and the familiar. This is the short view that reduces the idea of enlightenment to something ridiculous, sought only by unrealistic people. The soul’s point of view, on the other hand, is calm and looks at and for simplicity, unity, and compassion.

You are close

You are already close to a state of transparency, self-realisation, or enlightenment, in which you easily recognise the difference between the mind’s reality and the soul’s reality and experience yourself as love and pure awareness.


Knowing the simplicity, you master the frequencies. You love the particles and waves. You ride them and bless them as they move, as knowing moves, in you, without disturbing you, as the butterfly passes on a summer day, as the clouds dissolve and form on the high wind. You are everywhere and everywhere: it’s simple.


Edith van den Anker

Founder | Uplifter, Coach | Author | Expert of family businesses
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